Presented By: Gene Shelly, M. Div.
Consultation groups of Imago colleagues enhances and improves the quality and integrity of relationship care we give couples. Several groups meet in the NYC / NJ / Conn. area. They meet monthly for 2 hours for 10 months of each year. The learning and sharing are an enormous benefit to each therapist. I encourage all Imago therapists to participate in a consultation group.
Current Imago leaders of consultation groups in NYC / NJ / Conn. area are: Herb Tannenbaum (, Joan Lakin (, Carol Kramer (, Sylvia Rosenfeld ( and myself:
Gene Shelly at
Monthly Consultation Groups:
  • Meet for 2 hours: 1st hour focus to be more indepth on one couple using video presentation when possible; 2nd hour to be more open for urgent concerns, theory questions & general discussion.
  • Focus on internal experience of presentations (including counter-transference reactions
  • Use Imago feedback structure in making initial responses: my experience..., what I liked..., and my growth gifts or suggestions are...
  • Each member's experience is valuable, including prior learnings to reflect on difficult relationships, sometimes contrasting them with Imago concepts
  • Led by a seasoned Imago therapists

Individual Consultation:

I am available for individual consultations for Imago therapists. The consultation can be customized for individual need. It can be done by telephone, email or a combination of email and phone. I usually require 45 minutes per consultation.
Aim of Imago Consultations:
  • to integrate Imago principles with clinical practice
  • to strengthen and support the skills and craft of the Imago therapist
  • to review clinical work and provide feedback that doesn't shame, but rather invites growth
  • to ensure the couples are getting good Imago treatment
If you desire Imago consultation with me, please contact me at: