Nedra is a licensed psychologist and Director of the Relationship Center in Ardmore, PA. She brings over 16 years of experience in working with couples, families and organizations and is a senior therapist at The Center for Psychological Services and a clinical consultant to Corporate Initiatives. While she is known for her gentle, healing touch, she is a powerful presence in her workshops and her trainings. As a coach and mentor, she is committed to producing results which often means assisting clients transcends their self-imposed limitations and to get on with the adventrure of their lives. Nedra is passionate about rekindling her client's aliveness and increasing their sense of wonder and possibility.
Nedra is a unique member of this training team and her work inspires transformational work in others. In both her workshops and trainngs, participants speak openly about the vulnerabilities and strengths that took them from a place of distance and injury to a place of connection and healing. She lives the dialogical processes that are at the heart and soul of vibrant relationships.